Galway Healthy Cities

2013-2017 Strategy

2013 – 2017 Galway City Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Alcohol-Related Harm

The strategy is underpinned by a number of principles and approaches including community development, partnership, collaboration, and advocacy.

The strategy is informed by a whole-population approach and seeks to:

  • Recognise that alcohol is not an “ordinary commodity” but one that contributes to a range of social and health problems, the prevalence of which is related to alcohol consumption
  • Provide a community wide comprehensive approach as opposed to one that is targeted at individuals or high-risk groups only
  • Mobilise the community to take action to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm
  • Reduce alcohol-related harm by reducing overall consumption levels across the whole-population
  • Use approaches and actions that research has shown to work

Working together in these key areas to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm:

PreventionSupply Access and Availability
Screening Treatment and Support Services
Research Monitoring and Evaluation