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Annual Action Plan 2014

The Galway City Alcohol Forum will develop a yearly action plan to achieve the long-term outcomes of the strategy. In addition, an update on progress made will be completed for each year. This annual review, in advance of each yearly plan, will enable us to adapt the plan to reflect developments and changes in the local or national context. This will also ensure energy and momentum for the implementation of this strategy.


Many individuals and a range of public, voluntary and statutory agencies have contributed to the combined actions contained within this strategy.  Partners, groups and organisations have also committed to being involved in specific actions. All actions endeavour to be city-wide and involving a range of partners. Key partners include An Garda Síochána, Galway City Council, HSE West, Western Region Drugs Task Force, the Education Sector and community and voluntary groups. Information on those involved in implementing each proposed action are available at – www.galwayalcoholstrategy.ie.

A: Prevention – 2014 Action Plan

Aim: To communicate and engage with policy makers, stakeholders and the general public on how best to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Galway City

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Public Awareness

Develop and implement an annual (2014) communication plan for the strategy
Develop and promote Galway City Alcohol Strategy website www.galwayalcoholstrategy.ie
Connect and network with organisations working on alcohol-related issues
Gather and communicate information on alcohol-related harm including harm to self, harm to others and social harms
Develop fact sheet on effective action to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm

Policy Development

Facilitate and support community, voluntary and sporting organisations to develop alcohol policies
Review Galway City Festival Care Guidelines and follow up with organisations who received these guidelines
Develop media guidelines in relation to communication of alcohol-related issues in the media
Integrate the work of the Galway Alcohol Strategy into other local, regional and national policies and plans

Protecting Children & Young People

Link with organisations and groups working with young people to identify actions to protect young people from alcohol-related harm

Support Alcohol Free events

Promote recreational options that are alcohol free

B: Supply, Access and Availability - 2014 Draft Action Plan

Aim: To ensure that key factors influencing alcohol supply such as price, availability and marketing are regulated and controlled to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Galway City

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Alcohol Availability

Update map on the number, type and density of outlets selling alcohol in Galway City
Communicate information on the process for granting and renewal of alcohol licenses
Prepare submission in relation to issues affecting access and availability of alcohol as part of Galway City Development Plan preparation phase

Alcohol Marketing

Log local alcohol marketing practices in print and social media
Conduct survey with local sports clubs and organisations to establish current levels of alcohol sponsorship in sport

Enforcement of Legislation

Support enforcement of legislation by An Garda Síochána, in relation to sale and supply of alcohol
Communicate national laws and local bye-laws in relation to the supply, access and availability of alcohol

C: Screening, Treatment and Support Services - 2014 Action Plan

Aim: To provide a range of services and supports to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm

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Information on services available

Communicate information on alcohol treatment, support and rehabilitation options for people living in Galway City
Promote awareness of family support services for family members affected by another’s drinking

Screening & Brief Intervention

Organise two information sessions and pilot the SAOR model for the delivery of Screening and Brief Intervention in Galway University Hospitals

Address gaps in service provision

Identify and take action to address gaps in service provision in relation to treatment, support and rehabilitation services for people affected by alcohol in Galway City


Provide 2 training workshops for those working with family members affected by another’s drinking

D: Research, Monitoring and Evaluation - 2013 Action Plan

Aim: To use information and research in decision making to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm.

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Promote existing alcohol-related research and relevant databases
Review information on evidence based treatment and support options for people affected by alcohol
Undertake research project to assess the exposure of alcohol marketing on young people in Galway City
Support relevant alcohol-related research for Galway City

Monitoring/ Evaluation

Develop monitoring and evaluation framework for the strategy
Provide regular progress updates in relation to implementation of action plan