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Efforts to water down Alcohol Bill must be resisted to protect children

Delaying experimentation with alcohol is a child protection issue, and reducing exposure to alcohol marketing is a key part of this

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Alcohol Bill: Not a full measure

In spite of its limitations and fudged decisions, some elements will have positive impact on public health

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Taking the initiative in facing up to alcohol addiction

Dependence on alcohol and other drugs is so prevalent in Ireland that it is often ignored – but the time has come to start a conversation about it, say doctors

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Bill to ban alcohol adverts near schools, on public transport

Minimum price of wine expected to be set at €7.60 in efforts to curb cheap drink products

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Don’t drink except on special occasions, cancer chief warns

John McCormack, the CEO of the Irish Cancer Society, said the current practice for the majority of Irish people of drinking every week must stop.

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