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Press release from Alcohol Action Ireland, Alcohol labelling

http://alcoholireland.ie/The Public Health (Alcohol) Bill states that labels on alcohol products will have to detail:
- A health warning to inform the public of the danger of alcohol consumption.
- A health warning to inform the public of the danger of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
- The quantity of grams of alcohol contained in the product.
- The number of calories contained in the alcohol product.
- A link to an independent public health website, to be set up by the HSE, giving information on alcohol and related harms.
"Consumers should be provided with all they need to make fully informed decisions about the products they purchase, especially those, such as alcohol, which can be harmful to their health and is responsible for a large burden of ill-health in Ireland, from several cancers to liver and heart disease, among many other problems.
"The way we sell and promote alcohol currently does not reflect the risks attached with it and the harm it causes in Irish society, including three deaths every day. With regard to labels, consumer information on most alcohol products generally extends no further than its volume strength (ABV), which is a situation the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill will address. It makes sense for alcohol brands to act early on this issue, not just to move towards complying with one key aspect of the forthcoming legislation, but also because it is something that consumers are overwhelmingly in favour of.
"As well as warning of the risks associated with alcohol consumption, health labelling is also important for those people who wish to track their alcohol intake and try to stay within the low-risk weekly guidelines for alcohol consumption, as well as those people who may not realise just how much of their calorie intake is due to their alcohol consumption."

Press release Alcohol Action Ireland             5 July 2016