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C: Screening, Treatment & Support Services

Aim: To use information and research in decision making to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Galway City


Strategic Actions

Screening, Support and Brief Advice
13. Increase the availability of screening and brief advice


13a. Promote the range of alcohol screening tools available, and advocate for increased use of these tools by relevant agencies and groups

13b. Encourage the use of appropriate screening and brief advice tools across a range of services

14. Promote and advocate for the development of treatment and support services to meet the needs of people affected by alcohol


14a. Provide information on alcohol treatment, support and rehabilitation services available in Galway City

14b. Advocate for additional services where gaps in service provision are identified

14c. Assess and strengthen referral systems for alcohol treatment in Galway City

14d. Promote recognised quality standards in the provision of alcohol treatment and support services

14e. Examine the support and service needs of identified groups who are at risk of encountering alcohol-related harm

14f. Provide information on supports available for those affected by another’s drinking

14g. Provide training and facilitate the development of family supports for those affected by alcohol

14h. Support the development of a range of services for young people affected by alcohol

2013 Action Plan