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B: Supply, Access & Availability

Aim: To ensure that key factors influencing alcohol supply, such as price, availability and marketing, are regulated and controlled to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm in Galway City


Strategic Actions

Alcohol Price


7. Influence national policy in relation to alcohol pricing

7a. Advocate for minimum pricing at national level by linking with relevant groups and politicians
Alcohol Availability  
8. Limit the availability of alcohol in Galway City 8a. Review alcohol outlet density and seek to strengthen zoning regulations to reduce availability of alcohol in Galway City

8b. Limit the availability of alcohol at civic, sporting and public events

8c. Work with festival organisers to promote understanding and implementation of existing Galway City Festival Care Guidelines

9. Promote and strengthen legislation and enforcement relating to the sale of alcohol


9a. Advocate for changes in alcohol licensing legislations to consider the impact on health

9b. Provide public information on any upcoming granting or renewal of licenses to enable members of the public and agencies to participate in the process

9c. Monitor and promote compliance with laws to ensure no sale of alcohol to and for minors

Alcohol Marketing  
10. Reduce the exposure of children to alcohol marketing in public places 10a. Advocate for statutory regulation to protect children from alcohol marketing practices

10b. Monitor local alcohol marketing practices and alcohol sponsorship

10c. Strengthen local restrictions in relation to alcohol marketing in public places

Drinking Environment  
11. Promote responsible practices within the drinking environment to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm


11a. Communicate to consumers and licenced traders information on rights and responsibilities in relation to selling, purchasing, consuming alcohol and server liability

11b. Communicate current bye-laws in relation to alcohol focusing on roles and responsibilities of the community, licenced traders, City Council and An Garda Síochána

11c. Assist licensed traders to enforce regulations in relation to the sale of alcohol

11d. Develop a guide to safer pubs and clubs based on best practice

Enforcement of legislation

12. Continue to enforce legislation and bye- laws relating to alcohol 12a Support enforcement of legislation by An Garda Síochána in relation to
  • not selling alcohol to minors
  • drink driving
  • venue closing hours
  • not selling alcohol to intoxicated people
  • implementation of bye-laws

2013 Action Plan