Alcohol Price

  • Contacted all Oireachtas members to advocate for introduction of Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 and Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)

Alcohol Availability

  • Submission to City Development Plan (2017 – 2023) in relation to issues affecting the availability of alcohol
  • Updated map on number, type and density of outlets selling alcohol in Galway City (2015 n=264 – increase from 2012  n=243)
  • Strengthened Galway City bye-laws in relation to consumption of alcohol with exemptions to bye-laws requiring a management plan to cover both public safety and public health issues, and the HSE are also included in the decision making process
  • Licensing renewal system process was communicated through website and Galway City Community Network

Alcohol Marketing

  • Weekly logs compiled on alcohol advertisements in the local media in general, and on social media of  local pubs, clubs and festivals

Enforcement of Legislation

  • A total of 221 drink driving arrests in Galway City District