Public Awareness

Develop and implement an annual (2014) communication plan for the strategy

Develop and promote Galway City Alcohol Strategy website
- Ongoing promotion of website
 - Updated resources section with relevant international and national research reports and also relevant apps

Connect and network with organisations working on alcohol-related issues
Presented Galway Alcohol Strategy at
  - National Drug & Alcohol Task Force Conference - 16th January 2014
  - British-Irish Council - 7th February 2014
  - Southern Drug and Alcohol Task Force conference  - 4th April 2014

Gather and communicate information on alcohol-related harm including harm to self, harm to others and social harms
Media generated information form teh Alcohol Forum regardiing alcohol-related harm include:
- Real Cost of Alcohol Revealed - 28th March 2014
Remove Dangerously Cheap Alcohol from the Market - 3rd April 2014
Hello Sunday Morning - Drive to encourage break from drink - 1st July 2014

Develop fact sheet on effective action to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm

Policy Development

Facilitate and support community, voluntary and sporting organisations to develop alcohol policies

Review Galway City Festival Care Guidelines and follow up with organisations who received these guidelines
- All festivals organisers in Galway City recieved Festival Guidelines
Develop media guidelines in relation to communication of alcohol-related issues in the media

Integrate the work of the Galway Alcohol Strategy into other local, regional and national policies and plans
- Meeting with City Council representatives re new Local Community Development Committees
- Alcohol Strategy to be integrated into the new Arts Strategy for the Council when it is developed

Support Alcohol Free events

Promote recreational options that are alcohol free
- Promoted 'Hello Sunday Morning' intiaitive which gives people an opportunity to take a break from alcohol, set new goals, and share their progress online at Please click here for a short presentation on this initiaitve.

Protecting Children & Young People

Link with organisations and groups working with young people to identify actions to protect young people from alcohol-related harm