Alcohol Price


Alcohol Availability

Update map on the number, type and density of outlets selling alcohol in Galway City

Communicate information on the process for granting and renewal of alcohol licenses

The annual licensing court for the renewal of licences and the application for new licences will sit in Galway district court on 29th September 2014. If a person has a legitimate concern and wishes to object to the issue of a licence, that person should

a) contact the local district court office on 091 511532 to obtain a form or download the form here
b) lodge it in person to the district court to get a stamp
c) send a copy registered post to the licensee with which the objection is against
d) send a copy to the Gardai in Mill St Garda Station

All of the above has to be completed 21 days in advance of the court sitting, which is the 8th September 2014

Prepare submission in relation to issues affecting access and availability of alcohol as part of Galway City Development Plan preparation phase

Alcohol Marketing

Log local alcohol marketing practices in print and social media
- Ongoing monitoring of local print and social media

Conduct survey with local sports clubs and organisations to establish current levels of alcohol sponsorship in sport

Enforcement of Legislation

Support enforcement of legislation by An Garda Síochána, in relation to sale and supply of alcohol

Communicate national laws and local bye-laws in relation to the supply, access and availability of alcohol
- To view the Galway City Intoxicating Liquor Byelaws 1998 click here