Information on services available

Communicate information on alcohol treatment, support and rehabilitation options for people living in Galway City

Promote awareness of family support services for family members affected by another’s drinking
- Completed two 2-hour information seminars jointly delivered by the GRETB and WRDTF aimed at workers throughout Galway city looking at how alcohol and substance use can affect family members. The seminars also highlighted potential sources of support for affected family members in Galway. 30 workers attended in total.

Screening & Brief Intervention

Organise two information sessions and pilot the SAOR model for the delivery of Screening and Brief Intervention in Galway University Hospitals
- 2 x 2hr Information sessions  held on 7th May 2014 in GUH – 29 persons in attendance from a wide range of disciplines 

Address gaps in service provision

Identify and take action to address gaps in service provision in relation to treatment, support and rehabilitation services for people affected by alcohol in Galway City


Provide 2 training workshops for those working with family members affected by another’s drinking
- 2-days training were delivered by Liam O Loughlin (GRETB/WRDTF) and Siobhán Maher (NFSN)to 10 local workers on how to use the “5-step method”. The 5-step method is a flexible, evidence based 1-1 intervention designed specifically to reduce the stress and strain commonly experienced by family members who are affected by another’s alcohol or drug use. An accreditation process will follow where trainees will be encouraged to aim towards becoming accredited 5-step method practitioners. Accreditation will be through the Alcohol and Drugs in the Family Research Group (ADFR UK) and facilitated by the National Family Support Network (NFSN).