Promote existing alcohol-related research and relevant databases
- Updated resources section with International and national research reports and also relevant apps

Review information on evidence based treatment and support options for people affected by alcohol

Undertake research project to assess the exposure of alcohol marketing on young people in Galway City
- Monitoring taking place x 4 specific weeks during 2014

Support relevant alcohol-related research for Galway City
Project 1
Social marketing project concerning perceptions of sexual coercion and alcohol use
Academic leader: Dr Christine Domegan, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Department of Marketing, Cairnes School of Business & Economics.

Project 2
Perceptions of Social Norms Concerning Alcohol-Related Harms and Protective Behavioural Strategies: Scale Validation and Baseline Development.
Academic Leader: Dr Padraig MacNeela, Lecturer, School of Psychology, with John McCaffrey, MSc, PhD Candidate.

Project 3
Novel Methods of Disseminating Research Findings, and Engagement in the Process of Message Development: A Participatory Study of a Community Theatre Project on Perceptions of Alcohol and Consent to Sex.
Academic Leader: Dr Charlotte McIvor, Lecturer, Department of English, School of Humanities.


Monitoring/ Evaluation

Develop monitoring and evaluation framework for the strategy
- Draft monitoring plan developed

Provide regular progress updates in relation to implementation of action plan
- Alcohol Forum Meeting - 10th April 2014
- Alcohol Forum Meeting - 19th June 2014